IE is tasked with improving processes and finding better ways to design, develop, produce, deliver or service products and meet people's needs
     in a variety of businesses. These courses provide training in the skills needed to improve quality, safety, efficiency, effectiveness and performance.
     Trainings are designed for individuals who will be using industrial engineering tools and techniques who may not be industrial engineers.
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            Lean and Six Sigma training provide you with practical information, skills and tools to enable you to implement what you learn right away on           the job. You learn the applications, not just the abstract terminology and you learn from instructors who have lived and worked with the tools in a
    variety of businesses - from manufacturing to service to healthcare. You will be taught step-by-step how to incorporate lean and Six Sigma principles
    into your workplace to maximize the value of your operations.
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       Facilities (land, buildings, equipment) provide the physical capability to add value and create products. The most common manifestation of facility
   planning is the Plant Layout. An effective layout incorporates and enables the manufacturing strategy on which it is based. Lean strategy starts with
   workflow and workflow is the result of process and layout.
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         Narongsak Nanthagasigorn is highly qualified and capable industrial and manufacturing engineer
with over 19 years experience including roles in global automotive manufacture, automation technology
driven electronic sector and in garment and footwear manufacturing.
         He is a lean expert and Six Sigma has instructed and coached lean methodology extensively bot
in the workplace and in the class room.
         He was responsible for leading a 3 years lean manufacturing and six sigma deployment of all training materials and action as project leader. His experience include new plant layout and design and project management of mew facilities and the introduction of new operations.
         He worked for Seagate Technology ( Thailand ), Microchip Technology ( Thailand ), Acushnet Foot-
Joy ( Thailand ), Pemstar ( Thailand ), Benchmark Electronic ( Thailand ) and Lear Corporation ( Thailand )
           He holds bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from Chiang Mai university and master degree
in industrial engineering from Chulalongkorn university under Seagate Technology Scholarship.Currently
he works as instructor / consultant for Technology Promotion Associate (Thailand – Japan),
TotalFlow ( United Kingdom ) and Center for Industrial Productivity Development (CIPD), KMUT Thonburi
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            Our staff consists of highly educated & experienced engineers who are passionate and dedicated to being the most competent specialist          -possible. Our team specializes in helping companies solve the most complicated problems.

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