Why choose us?

  • We are hands-on experienced engineers from factory world not from theory
  • We have variance of productivity tools to support complex problem.
  • We understand your concerns because we have been there.

21 Engineering And Service Co., Ltd. The 21ES has been established in 2000 by team of engineer,science and technology with purposesto provide solution to clients to help increase productivity and competitiveness. We can adapt our knowledge and service to your demands.
We provide science/engineering software, science training equipment, technical training equipment, practical training and consultancy to clients.
Currently, clients included industrial organizations, schools, university and government organizations.
“Be The Best” is our mission. Customer’s satisfaction is always our first priority to meet and exceed customer’s expectations for excellence,and therefore grow together with our clients.

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21 Engineering And Service Co., Ltd. 9/1 Cheumsampan Road, Chokfed, Nongchok ,Bangkok 10530 Thailand

Tel : +66-2988-0211

E-mail : info@21es.co.th

21 Engineering And Service Co., Ltd

Tax ID : 0-1055-43028-17-1